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Original Article
Assessment of heavy metals in Tehran's airborne particulate matters (PM4) and their associated health risk

Sohrab Mazloomi; Abbas Esmaeili Sari; Nader Bahramifar

Volume 18, Issue 1 , April 2020, Pages 1-16


  Introduction: Particulate matters are one of the most important air pollutants in Tehran and very dangerous for human health according to the epidemiological studies. The ambient particles contain heavy metals, some of which are toxic and carcinogenic components. Therefore, in this study, the content ...  Read More

Original Article
Factors affecting the pro-environmental behavior of aquaculture farmers in Guilan Province

Fatemeh Ghorbani Piralidehi; Azadeh Ghorbani Piralidehi

Volume 18, Issue 1 , April 2020, Pages 17-32


  Introduction: Aquaculture is an agricultural activity that can play an important role in supplying the nutritional needs and health of the world's population. Yet, this industry in the Guilan Province has widespread environmental problems that lead to instability such as the excessive use of hormones, ...  Read More

Original Article
The terrestrial isopod fauna of Cheharmahal-va-Bakhtiyari Province

Ghasem Mohammadi Kashani; Ahdiyeh Abedini

Volume 18, Issue 1 , April 2020, Pages 33-44


  Introduction: Terrestrial isopods constitute the largest suborder in the order Isopoda and, as one of the main groups of soil decomposers, have an important role in acceleration of plant material recycling. Due to the shortage of studies on this taxon in southwestern Iran, the present study was carried ...  Read More

Original Article
Investigating the effective factors in CO2 production in industrial units of Isfahan Province using boundary analysis

Behzad Sanatinia; Mohammad Hadi Abolhasani; Atefeh Chamani

Volume 18, Issue 1 , April 2020, Pages 45-56


  Introduction: Significant changes have been occurred in human life along with industrialization and an increase in production and consumption. Demand for energy and the use of fossil fuels, such as coal, petroleum, and gas, led to a great dispersion of CO2 in the atmosphere. The aim of this study was ...  Read More

Original Article
Time series analysis of SCIAMACHY and GOME-2 absorbing aerosol index in Iran

Faezeh Alizadeh; Samereh Falahatkar; Afsaneh Afzali

Volume 18, Issue 1 , April 2020, Pages 57-70


  Introduction: In the past three decades, dust has become a global concern for global societies. Due to Iran’s location in an arid region, it is severely influenced by this phenomenon. This phenomenon usually carries a huge mass of particle matters that can be clearly detected by satellite images. ...  Read More

Original Article
Comparison of soluble ions in dust fall among various latitudes in western Iran

Nahid Mahmoodimahpash; Bubak Souri

Volume 18, Issue 1 , April 2020, Pages 71-86


  Introduction: Dust particles moved by air streams influence the quality of the environment. Chemical compounds of these particles are influential on the life’s quality of the residents of every region. Dust fall particles originated from the soil erosion has caused many problems for the residents ...  Read More

Original Article
Social impact assessment of marine projects and structures (the case of Chamkhaleh Port construction project)

Roya Ramezani Kiasejmahaleh; Mohammad Javad Amiri; Lobat Zebardast

Volume 18, Issue 1 , April 2020, Pages 87-104


  Introduction: The social impact assessment is a strategic tool for managing development-related social activities aimed at reducing economic, social, and environmental costs. Since development plans incorporate undeniable impacts and consequences on the social, economic and environmental characteristics ...  Read More

Original Article
Detecting and routing of dust event using remote sensing and numerical modeling in Isfahan Province

Mehdii Jafari; Gholamreza Zehtabian; Hasan Ahmadi; Tayebeh Mesbahzadeh; Ali Akbar Norouzi

Volume 18, Issue 1 , April 2020, Pages 105-116


  Introduction: The phenomenon of dust in Iran is a serious risk that caused major problems for the environment and human health. Research has shown that the frequency and severity of these storms have increased in recent years. In addition, numerical weather models alone are not capable of storm detection, ...  Read More

Original Article
Identify livelihood resilience strategies against drought risk from the point of view of rural households (case study: Dehestan Golmakan, Chenaran county)

Maryam Ghasemi; Shirin Sahebi; Javad Mehrganmajd

Volume 18, Issue 1 , April 2020, Pages 117-136


  Introduction: Nowadays, communities are trying to achieve the conditions that would allow them to quickly return to the pre-crisis situation in the event of a crisis. So, in recent years, the concept of resilience has been taken into account instead of vulnerability. Due to the frequency of occurrence, ...  Read More

Original Article
Economic evaluation of some of the most important ecosystem services in Zagros forests

Ali Akbar Jafarzadeh; Ali Mahdavi; Seyed Rashid Fallah Shamsi; Rasoul Yousefpour

Volume 18, Issue 1 , April 2020, Pages 137-150


  Introduction: The contribution of ecosystems to the world's economy and human well-being has been widely recognized in science and policy. In temperate and semi-temperate forests, multi-functional services have been studied such as carbon storage, wood and food production, water regulation, and ecotourism. ...  Read More

Original Article
Evaluation of the effects of landfill on the concentration of heavy metals in groundwater (case study: Azadshahr)

Sara Abdollahi; Seyed Mohammad Hossein Hosseini; Reyhane Dehghan

Volume 18, Issue 1 , April 2020, Pages 151-164


  Introduction: Monitoring the quality of groundwater around the landfill is very important for environmental health. Due to the increase in the population and their living standards and technological advances, the amount of solid wastes from human and industrial activities are increasing. The aim of this ...  Read More

Original Article
Zoning and uncertainty analysis of heavy metal pollution risk in surface water resources of copper mine by Bayesian analysis and sequential Gaussian simulation

Akram Seifi; Hossien Riahi

Volume 18, Issue 1 , April 2020, Pages 165-186


  Introduction: Industrial and agricultural activities resulting in the production of toxic heavy metals may endanger water quality, public health, and the environment. Therefore, the determination of areas that are affected by heavy metals and spatial uncertainty of pollution risks are considered as an ...  Read More

Original Article
Ecological structure assessment of urban green space using the landscape approach (case study: Tehran’s 22nd district)

Parastoo Hassanpour; Romina Sayyahnia; Hassan Esmaeilzadeh

Volume 18, Issue 1 , April 2020, Pages 187-202


  Introduction: Urban green space, as an important part of the urban complex ecosystem, offers many ecological, social, and economic services that contribute to the quality of life in cities. Today, the rapid growth of urbanization, along with a lot of changes in land cover and land use, has caused many ...  Read More

Original Article
Synergy of multi-temporal image fusion and classification methods for detecting changes in Maharlu lake over five years (2013-2018)

Hojjatollah Mahboobi; Mohsen Azadbakht

Volume 18, Issue 1 , April 2020, Pages 203-218


  Introduction: In many studies concerning monitoring the water surface changes, multi-temporal images are separately analyzed and after extracting water boundaries in each image, these boundaries are compared and the changes are determined. Nevertheless, there is a demand for methods that can perform ...  Read More

Original Article
Plant selection for semi-arid urban landscapes with an emphasis on climate change (case study: Tehran)

Malek Rabiei Sadeghabadi; Omid Nouri; Reza Deihimfard

Volume 18, Issue 1 , April 2020, Pages 219-236


  Introduction: Urban landscape, especially urban forest and city trees, usually has vital and various effects on the mental and physical health of humans, environmental embellishment, and mitigating the destructive effect of climatic changes like wind storms and flood control, as well as reduction and ...  Read More