-Location Analysis of Volatile Organic Compounds in Ambient air of Tehran with Arcview Software

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1 Faculty of chemical Engineering, Sahand University of Technology

2 Expert in the Field of Environment, Tehran

3 Director of Air Monitoring Center of Tehran


Tehran is the high pollution city and it’s negative point to human health. Volatile organic compounds especially BTEX are main air pollutants that play critical role in atmospheric chemistry of Tehran. Benzene is one of them that cause blood cancer and related diseases. For controlling volatile organic compounds, they should be monitored. To measure the amount of pollutants of VOC in the air of Tehran with portable instrument, 32 stations were selected, including residential areas, Traffically, industrial and controled area. The measurements in two stages (June and September 1391 and March 1391) were performed VOC average concentrations at first and second stage were 3.14 ppb and 3.67 ppb in urban area respectively. The results showed that pollutants emissions in high volume occur from refineries and oil storage. Location analysis of volatile organic compounds performed with Arcview software in the stations. According to location analysis of VOCs with ArcView, emission of VOCs occurred from refineries in huge amount. Points with high concentration of VOCs, showed


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