The Study of Leadership Dimension Roles in Enviropreneurship Development: Evidence from Iranian Environmental NGOs

Document Type : Original Articles


1 Professor, Department of Public Management, Faculty of Management, University of Tehran

2 Assistant Professor, Department of Agricultural Extension and Education, Faculty of Agricultural Economics and Development, University of Tehran


In this article, with regard to the little empirical research undertaken on enviropreneurship and leadership, drawing from a relational perspective, we explore the relationship between enviropreneurship and leadership. The research method was descriptive correlation, and data were collected from 51 environmental NGOs engaged in environmental issues using the random sampling method. A questionnaire was employed for variable measurements, and its content validity confirmed by a panel study. An alpha coefficient of 0.94 for enviropreneurship and 0.96 for leadership confirmed that the reliability is satisfied. Structural equation modeling (SEM), as a multivariate technique, and PLS-Graph software were used. According to path analysis results, four dimensions of leadership have significant roles to play in the enviropreneurship development of environmental NGOs. Empirical results showed that enviropreneurship competency in environmental NGOs is dependent upon transformational leadership (TL), and 33% of enviropreneurship in environmental NGO variance can be explained by TL. Research findings offer a new theoretical framework for future theory development.