Author = Naser Mehrdadi
The Water Pinch Model for Reusing Copper Processing Waste Water using Two Pollutants Simultaneously

Volume 14, Issue 2, July 2016, Pages 61-68

Naser Mehrdadi; Ali Torabian; Amir Khakpour; Mojdeh Soroush

Intelligent optimization of common water treatment plant for the removal of organic carbon

Volume 14, Issue 1, April 2016, Pages 1-8

Taher Ahmadzadeh; Naser Mehrdadi; Mojtaba Ardestani; Akbar Baghvand

Use of Column Leaching Test to Study the Leachibility of Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons from Contaminated Soil

Volume 8, Issue 2, January 2011

Akbar Baghvand,; Ali Daryabeigi Zand,; Gholamreza Nabibidhendi; Nasser Mehrdadi

An Overview on Different Water Pinch Methods for Industrial Water and Wastewater Minimization

Volume 6, Issue 4, July 2009

Naser Mehrdadi; Gholamreza Nabi Bidhendi; Shahin Mohammadnejad