Pre-school Children’s Attitudes about Selected Environmental Issues in Mashhad City

Document Type : Original Articles


1 Associate Professor, Department of Environmental Education, Payame Noor University

2 Ph.D Student of Environmental Management, Islamic Azad University, Science and Research Branch, Tehran, Iran

3 MSc. Student of Environmental Education, Payame Noor University


This study begins with shaping the attitudes, values, commitment, and skills needed to maintain and support the environment for people of all ages. The aim of this study was to evaluate the environmental attitudes and learning styles i a choice of pre-school children in Mashhad based on gender differences. In this descriptive-survey study, 112 children attending samples were randomly selected. Adapted version of the questionnaire developed by the researcher was supported by illustrations that clearly introduced each question. The results showed that pre-schoolers' attitudes about environmental issues was generally good and the way they play, role play, storytelling, field trips and visits, clarification and rehearsing for environmental education offered. The correlation analysis showed that there was no significant relationship between gender and attitudes to environmental issues and the choice of learning styles in children lacking. Because the Kindergartens as the child watches a lot of space in your day where they spend most ages Modeling and educable, can be considered as one of the most dangerous areas for children's environmental awareness is increasing.