Legal Evaluation of Standards for Air Pollution from Stationary Sources

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1 Assistant Professor, Law Faculty, Department of Public and International Law, Shahid Behahti University G.C., Evin, Tehran

2 Assistant Professor, Law Faculty, Department of Public and International Law, Qum University.

3 Ph.D. in Public law, Shahid Beheshti University G.C., Evin, Tehran.


The sources of air pollution may be classified into stationary and mobile sources. Industrial units, production factories along with commercial and household sources are among the main instances of stationary sources of air pollution. While, stationary sources play an important role in air pollution, the Iranian legal system has neglected to pay adequate attention to them. This article, through a comparative study, seeks to show the challenges and shortcomings of the Iranian laws and regulations on the one side and suggest guiding standards for the upcoming legal amendments on the other. In this regard, the article places an emphasis on controlling standards as the main mechanisms in the Iranian legal system for tackling the problem of air pollution.


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