Isolation and Evaluation Their Growth Kinetic of Positive Gram Bacteria Degrader in Southern Region of the Caspian sea

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Department of Biotechnology, Ecology Research Academy of the Caspian Sea


Naphthalene is PAHs and is distributed in aquatic and soil ecosystems. Different microorganisms are able to degradate various concentration of naphthalene. Sampling was done from two Noshar and Amirabad harbors. Samples were transferred to Ecological Academy of Caspian Sea and then were cultured in minimal basal medium included naphthalene and trace elements and were incubated in 30°C for 24-72 h. Finally, isolated colonies were identifical as primary and biochemical test. The most important of isolated positive gram bacteria were Bacillus sp, Micrococcus sp and Pediococcus sp. The results showed that concentration of 30 ,40 mM of naphthalene after 312h have been decreased to 9/45 (68/8%) and 3045(91/42%) respectively for Bacillus .