The Environmental Planning Revitalization for River Valleys of Tehran in Strategic Factors Analysis Approach (SWOT)(Case study : Velenjak River Valley)

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Department of Architecture, Faculty of Art, Tarbiat Modares university


Cities ever-increasing development that has been achieved without getting advantage from natural environment will bring about imbalance condition between urban and natural spaces. River valleys as cities ecological elements have always had effective role in creating mutual relation between man-made city spaces and nature. Tehran has special geographical situation as located at the foot of Alborz Mountain. Tehran river valleys originated from Alborz foot in north and continues till south of the city. These river valleys could play important role in paving the way for providing fresh water resources, natural corridor of climate flowing, green open spaces, parks, recreational areas, as well as places for public services activities. While investigating the current situation indicates that Tehranوs River valleys not only do not increase the quality of Environment, but also play a negative role in the context. The present article is going to introduce as environmental revitalization plan for the above mentioned river valleys. Velenjak River Valley as the case study, was case studied through field work research and SWOT analyzing approach. Results of the study indicate that ; Determining district for river valley , preventing polluted water (waste water) to be mixed with the river valleyوs conservation and expansion of green areas, protecting the open views and perspectives, numerous landscape making, and make it a proper place for various customs, etc...,can play a pivotal role in revitalization of Velenjak River Valley as a vital Environmental, Enter raining, and service corridor in prospering the life quality in Tehran City as one of the most polluted ones in the world.