Estimating the Outdoor Recreation Value of Kandovan Tourism Village of East Azarbayjan With the Use of Contingent Valuation Method

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1 Department of Agricultural Economics, Faculty of Agriculture, University of Tabriz

2 Department of Agricultural Economics, Faculty of Agricultural Economics and Development, University of Tehran


Kandovan village which is located at Osco region in East Azarbayjan province named as one of the important tourism and promenade zone of Iran due to its numerous natural places. Studying tourism value of this place could be useful in predicting needs, remove scarcities and development of tourism. The aim of this research is estimating the outdoor recreation value of Kandovan village with the use of contingent valuation method. For investigating effective variables on willingness to pay of individuals, logit model estimated with the use of maximum likelihood approach. Requested data set were obtained by completing questionnaires and interviewing with 180 individuals who visit mentioned village. Results revealed that 83 percents of individuals were ready for paying as a use of the mentioned village. Also, results showed that variables include education, village absorption, revenue and bid had a significant effect on probability of willingness to pay of individuals but variables include age, gender, family size were not statistically significant but had expected signs. Mean willingness to pay for each visitor per year was 3905 RLs and annual outdoor recreation value of Kandovan village was 1171500000 RLs.