Ecological Evaluation of Lilium ledebourii Site in Gilan in Order to Determine Ecological Needs of this Species

Document Type : Original Articles


1 Faculty of Environmental and Energy, Science and Research Campus, Islamic Azad University

2 Department of Watershed Management Engineering Faculty of Natural Resources, Tarbiat modarres University

3 Ornamental Plant Research Station, Lahijan


Lilium ledebourii (Baker) Boiss.(Liliaceae), locally named Susan -e Chelcheragh is an endemic and rare species that grows on the high lands of Damash in Gilan Province, and It is under surveillance of DOE (Department of Environment). Habitat of Chelcheragh lily in Damash is one of the protected areas of Iran's DOE and is placed in Category III (Natural Monument) of IUCN. Lack of information about the biology and specially ecology of this rare plant species is because of severe conservation and limited spatial distribution. In order to determine the ecological needs of Chelcheragh lily or white lily, the habitat of this species in Damash was studied and different ecological resources including: elevation, geographical aspect, slope, soil, vegetation cover, etc. Study of the other habitat in Dorfak (Gilan) was performed based on field investigation and literature review which was in order to determine ecological needs of Chelcheragh lily. Topographic data in geographic information system (GIS) was analyzed and land form characteristics were provided. Results were analyzed (logical) and effective factors on spatial distribution of Chelcheragh lily were introduced.