Eco- Tourism the Necessity to Support it in Iran

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Department of Turism, Management Faculty of Management and Accounting , Allame Tbataeei University


Eco-Tourism is an unrepeatable element of permanent development. It is a type of tourism that deals with the lovers of nature and is In contrast with the common tourism. In this article I decided to introduce the agreement of this kind of tourism with the current situation in our country; thus its necessity is undeniable, so by mentioning its advantages in tourism, the weak points and disadvantages will be decreased gradually. In order to explain this type of tourism preciously, I introduced some Eco- Tourism backgrounds and defined a comprehensive definition to show the irreplaceable importance of this industry. Furthermore, I attempted to clarify Why many nowadays pay more attention to Eco-Tourism and What is the relationship between Eco- Tourism and globalization, from the upside to the downside of the hierarchy. Then I mentioned the Iranian societys present condition. I analyzed the recent and common views about tourism in Iran; and by emphasizing on some discourses about identity and the importance of maintaining our values. I decoded some inaccurate presumptions that influenced the substantial revenue, employment ship, and generally many benefits of tourism- in particular, Eco-Tourism. I recognized some prerequisites that should be supposed as protection (Reserved) protecting. Finally, I investigated variable and different dimensions of tourism revolution and very deep changing of technology that reflect the twenty first centurys features. The existence and importance of prerequisites, would provide the usage of Eco-Tourism. When I discussed about the importance of tourism, I pointed out relative and absolute poverty, the number of unemployed people. the group of people who are seeking job and its ratio in the whole population of the country, in order to emphasize on the importance of this industry. At last, I reviewed the key words of the article.