Sustainability in a Design Process A Review of Tehran's Major Projects

Document Type : Original Articles


Department of Landscape Architecture, Faculty of Architecture and Urban Studies, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University


This research presents a perspective that extends the traditional design framework and proposes to a Sustainable Process of Design, SPD. This view in design and management of the environment is an interdisciplinary approach. The concept of overall sustainability goes beyond novelty, politics, and quick fixes and depends on the nature of the ecosystem and multidisciplinary decision-making. SPD involves many processes and nourishes a wholesome meaning of community and participation in the course of decision-making. Emphasis is given to the conflicting objectives of short-term goals in light of a progression towards sustainability. SPD is connecting, multifaceted, and healing in nature. A long-term approach to development is a fundamental principle of any SPD. Long-term views will cultivate long-term goals and objectives in a design procedure. Examining Tehrans major recent projects reveals the need for an ecological and healing vision in a Sustainable Process of Design. SPD is set with long-term as well as the short-term goals of a community which provides the designer the wisdom to propose settings and designs filled with abundance and opportunities of quality of life for the present and the future generations.