The Study of Teleconnection Between ENSO as a Weather Signals and Rain Fall and Temperature Fluctuation’s of the Khorasan Province

Document Type : Original Articles


1 Department of Geography, Azad University of Shirvan

2 Department of Agriculture, Azad University of Shirvan

3 Department of Civil Engineering, Azad University of Shirvan


The long-term forecasting and monitoring of Climatological parameters depends on identification of all effective factors that are affects on this phenomenon. One of these parameters is the weather signal. These signals are the determinable and specific pattern and occur in the distinguished regions in the world, but its effects are worldwide. One of the famous signals is ENSO phenomenon, which have two phases. In this paper with using annual and seasonal correlations between Southern Oscillation Index (SOI) and rainfall data and also between Southern Oscillation Index (SOI) and temperature data, the effective amounts of ENSO phases on the differences of these factors was studied in the all regions of Khorasan province in I.R.of Iran, then for more comprehensive study the classification maps in relation of ENSO and variability of rainfall and temperature were drown. It was concluded that the mentioned parameter in the whole of the province especially in central and north strip have shown significant action to ENSO,in other word the average of temperature correlation indices are negative annually and seasonally ,it means when SOI amounts are increased the temperature in Khorasan province will be decreased. With regard to increasing the above weather parameters in all regions of Khorasan province at the time of ENSO's negative phases (El Nino condition) variation of temperature could be related to the changes of pattern of occurrences this phenomenon (ENSO) due to climatic change around the world.