Pollution Sources of Ground Water in Izeh Plain, North East of Khuzestan

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Department of Geology, Faculty of Earth Sciences, Shahid Beheshti University


The background hydrochemical system, the pollution sources, and the different pollutants of ground water in the Izeh plain, north east of Khuzestan, were determined and spatial and temporal variations of pollutants were studied. Groundwater samples from thirty four wells, one piezometer, and one Qanat have been collected in three periods of 2001. The nitrate concentrations of ground water in the Izeh plain increase, continuously, as a result of agricultural activities. The major process that cause increasing of nitrate concentrations in ground water is leaching of application of inorganic manure on cultivated areas. The maximum concentrations of nitrate in ground water of Izeh plain occur in May then the concentrations decrease during dry season. Although bacteria's adsorb on sandy silt layer overlying Izeh alluvial aquifer but shallow ground water are polluted bacterially