Restoration of Gilan Forest by Using Landscape Ecology ApproachCase Study: (Shafarod Watershed)

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Department of Environment, Faculty of Environment, Tehran University


Restoration is to decrease human impact on ecosystems, and let them to recover. In this method we can connect patches with corridors. Thus, to introduce an ecological restoration we considered shafarod watershed with 39800 ha, that is located in Gilan province. Corridor recognized as a liner element of landscape, which can connect patches. The objective of this research is to introduce a new method for ecological restoration of forest by using landscape ecology approach. At first we classify patches with Forman (1995) on basis of natural or man made. Then each patch on shafarod landscape was classified with, near to river or far from road, and with area, then each patch had one code that tell us the situation of road and river related to each patches. Patches with upper than 1 hectare are suitable for stepping-stone patches. In shafarod watershed among 683 patches with36200ha, 56 patches with 228ha for restoration had been recognized and total area that these patches need to create corridors for restoration is about 62ha. Keywords: restoration, landscape ecology, corridor, stepping-stone, Shafarod