Legal Challenges facing Iran’s Department of Environment

Document Type : Original Articles


1 Department of Environmental Law, Faculty of Law, Shahid Beheshti University G.C.

2 PhD. Candidate in Public law, Shahid Beheshti University G.C


Due to increased environmental problems, most countries in the world charge a specified agency with responsibility for environmental protection. In Iran, this mission has been given to the Department of Environment (DoE). Notwithstanding the silent endeavors of this Department, there are a lot of problems which are causing a deteriorating environment in Iran, particularly in terms of air, water and biological diversity. Inefficiency in the legislative system alongside the disorganization of the DoE, have led to inadequacy in the Departments work. This inadequacy can be classed in three categories: law-related inefficiency of the Department; a lack of law governing inter-organizational relations; and, finally, ultra-organizational problems. These inefficiencies, in the absence of any comprehensive sustainable development programme, on the one hand, and the non-existence of any parliamentary supervision on environmental matters, on the other, have led to non-integrated and ineffective management of the environment in Iran. This article considers the integrated management approach as a suggested solution, inter alia by amending and incorporating the environmental laws into a single code and also by integrating environmental related agencies, including the DoE, in the form of a powerful Ministry.