Soil Petroleum Hydrocarbon Bioremediation by A Fungi Consortium

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1 Department of Agriculture, Faculty of Science, Karaj Payame Noor University Tehran.

2 Department of Environmental Science, Faculty of Science, Pune University


Soil pollution is receiving greater and greater attention due to its direct impact on soil, water and public health. Remediation of soil is an important means of restoring soil back to natural condition. The present work was aimed to examining a method of soil decontamination by means of biodegradation which is of crucial ecological significance as its basic mechanisms are based on natural processes. A high percentage of hydrocarbon reduction was obtained during nutrient and bulking agent stimulation. During the first 30 days, the first-orderTPH degradation rate constant (k1) was lower for thetreatment without nutrients (natural attenuation) followed by the augmentation, augmentation plus stimulation and stimulation treatments respectively.