An Introduction to Surveying Application in Landscape Design

Document Type : Original Articles


Department of Planning and Designing of the Environment, Environmental Sciences Research Institute, Shahid Beheshti University, G., C.


Up to now, many different processes for landscape design such as Booth process (1983) have been introduced by landscape experts to aim a landscape project. The Booth process contains an orientation of actions in a landscape design project varying from project acceptance to presentation of constructed plan. The three adjusted sub-parts of Booth's landscape process stages which have been adjusted in a flowchart by the author of this article will be study in details. The aim of presenting such a flowchart is introducing and showing the interdisciplinary relationship between "landscape" and "surveying" experts in executing a design process. These three sub-parts contain some executing actions which are extracted from surveying which introduce this knowledge application in landscape design. These sub-parts contain "land surface features surveying and topographic map providing", "land technical design" and "setting out the design on the land". At the end, there are some suggestions for using new surveying instruments like GPS receivers in order to provide the topographic map in UTM coordinate system and transferring these landscape designs to this coordinate system.