The Influence of Conservation of Natural Environment for Housing Development (Case Study: Rural Settlements of Gilan Province)

Document Type : Original Articles


1 Department of Urban Studies,Faculty of Architecture and Urban Studies, Iran University of Science and Technology

2 Building and Housing Research Center


The aim of this article is to know the influence of environmental factors on development of rural housing in a specified zone and to evaluate them by others influential factor relative to each other from dwellers' views and to prioritize them. For this purpose, the factors effective on development process of rural housing must be identified first. We try to introduce the final factors and evaluate them. Selection of factors is followed by Derivation of a conceptual framework effective on selection of proper rural housing development method, using the existing resources and Specification and interpretation of the factors chosen using the case study method. The main result is achieving the desirability of development method of each building with respect of functioning for the user. More over the value of each of the factors in the process of rural housing development in the region have been presented. After defining all factors effective on the proper method of rural housing development in the selected area, the contribution and the way that factors effect on formation of this method were defined. The contribution of each mentioned factor in fulfilling the desirability of the building functionally for user were measured by multiple variable regression analysis and based on exploited data. Statistic analysis has been done by SPSS software