Crisp and Fuzzy Decision Making in Multi-store Public Parking Lots

Document Type : Original Articles


GIS Department, Earth Science Faculty, Shahid Beheshti University


Multi store parking Site selection is one of the key problems in metropolitan city such as Tehran. This problem should be considered according to a series of criteria. The main aim of the paper is to determine proper sites for multi store parking using Fuzzy methods in GIS environment in first district of Tehran. To achieve the aim, parameters such as; distance from trip attractive center, distance from routes and communication networks, land price, suitable land use for parking establishment, distance form faults, and some other criteria were put in the fuzzy model. The results of this research showed that the OWA method in low risk and somehow trade-off mode represented the best result in according to aim. In this state, 6239.1 square meter of study area was selected as the high-rank area for establishing multi-store parking lots.