An Analysis of Sustainable Natural Resource Management among Farmers in Behbahan County (Khuzestan Province)

Document Type : Original Articles


1 epartment of Agricultural Development and Management, Faculty of Agriculture and Natural Resources, University of Tehran.

2 epartment of Agricultural Extension and Education, Faculty of Agriculture and Natural Resources, University of Tehran


Sustainability in natural resource management is a vital principle in sustainable agricultural and rural development. The main objective of this research is to present the results of a study concerning an analysis of sustainable natural resource management among farmers in Behbahan county of Khuzestan Province. A survey method was the main approach employed while a stratified-randomization sampling method used to select the samples. Data were collected through questionnaires, from 150 farmers. Results of the analysis show that 30.7 percent of farmers settled in an unsustainable category; 58.7 percent are semi-sustainable and 10.7 percent are sustainable. Multivariate Linear Regression results indicated that the level of a farmer's income through farming, farming experience, number of literate household members, participation in extension and agricultural courses and level of income through non-farming activities explained 83% of variance (R2 = 0.834) in the sustainability of natural resource management through farmers.