Rehahabilitations to Received the Rural Sustainable Development Using Environmental Potential Evaluation Zakherd Watershed

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1 Department of Environment, Faculty of Energy and Environmental, Tehran Sciences and Research Campus, Islamic Azad University

2 Department of Environment Faculty of Agriculture, Ahwaz Islamic Azad University


Zakherd watershed "with area of 82.23 km2" is located in the North west of Shiraz and East of Kazeroon in Fars Province.The evaluation of ecological land capability is considered as a core of environmental studies , as well as, preventive, and remedical measures for environmental crisis.So before the implementation of development ,it is necessary to know about the ecological potential of land for different uses.In the Zakherd watershed evaluation is carried out by Mc.Harg method,2001 makhdoum Rural development ecological model and system of GIS. By this research ,at first regional environmental resources was identified. Digital data with accompany of attribute data is entered into the Arcview system to make data base. Therefore, by overlaying information layers in the mentioned system the ecological unit map of area with the table of characteristic unit , and then the evaluation of capability was done.The result of survey shows that to the point of whole ecological parameters , the total region is not appropriate for rural development but by omitting of elevation parameter that it's the last choice in the Makhdoum ecological model . 8.49% of land for rural development has a suitable (grade 2) and 91.51% of the other has not a suitable potential for rural use.For the complement of ecological evaluation ,valuating needs,socio- economic indicator and facilities was done in the area so the three nappe of Zakherd, Elyasabad and Hematabab was put to make clear the hairchy of rural development.By the result of search it's made clear that Hematabad nappe has better choice.