Investigating Productivity Indices in the Agronomy and Horticultural Sub-Sector During 1992-2001

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Department of Agroecology, Environmental Sciences Institute, Shahid Beheshti University


Productivity as one of the most important concepts in recent decade applied to improving production. The most common definition of productivity is the ratio of outputs to inputs. Although more precise definitions of productivity have been provided by different authors and organizations in different countries. Agricultural productivity is also measured as the ratio of agricultural outputs to agricultural inputs. Generally, the market value of the final output is a tool for measuring output. Different indices are measured in agricultural productivity including total factor productivity, land index, labor index, machinery index, production index, capital index, etc. In this study 9 productivity indices were measured and analyzed in the agronomy and horticultural sub-sector which is the biggest and the most important sub-sector in the agricultural sector. Data were collected from different Iranian official sources for 11 years from 1992-2001. Also, the data collected were used to explore the trend of different productivity indices in the sub-sector during the studied years. Furthermore, the indices were analyzed and interpreted using advanced statistical methods (principal component analysis).