Choosing the Most Suitable Sample Preparation Method for Measuring Uranium Isotopes in Soil Samples by Alpha Spectroscopy

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Department of Radiation Application Group, Faculty of Nuclear Engineering, Shahid Beheshti University


The sampling process in alpha spectroscopy for measuring the activity and concentration of uranium isotopes is a very sensitive one due to the short range of alpha particles in special compounds of uranium in soil and the close energy peaksof the alpha particles emitted from its isotopes. In this research, the effect of certain parameters such as the quality of acid dissolution, the presence of a tracer in the sample, pH, electro deposition, spectroscopic electronics and so on were investigated in sampling and spectroscopy, according to ASTM. The average yield of (64.4±15.7) % was achieved after eight times of sampling by incorporating IAEA, ASTM and Talvite electro deposition methods. A BU-014-300-500 PIPS detector was utilized in this study.