Determination of Heavy Metals (Cd, Cr) in the Muscle and Skin of Liza aurata from the Caspian Sea (Bandar Anzali)

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Department of Marine Biology, Faculty of Biological Sciences, Shahid Beheshti University G.C., Tehran, Iran


During this study, concentrations of Cd and Cr were determined in the muscle and skin of Lizaauratafrom Bandar Anzali. Forty-eight specimens (male:female ration of 24:24) were seined in October 2006 and their tissues were separated according to UNEPs method (1984). Oven-dried and homogenized samples were digested as per the standard method of AOAC (1995). Concentrations were determined using a flame atomic absorption spectrophotometer. The data analysis by a paired t-test showed significant differences between concentrations of Cd and Cr in the muscle and skin of Lizaaurata, with skin showing elevated metal levels. Linear regression analysis showed a significant negative relationship between fish size and the Cr levels in muscle. There was a significant increase in Cr and Cd levels in skin with increased size of the fish. Independent t-test analysis showed that average metal levels in the tissues of female fish were higher than in male fish. This study concludes that the concentrations of Cd and Cr in tissues of Lizaaurata are low and do not constitute a risk to human health.