Ecological-Mould Benefits and Influences of Best Use of Biomass in Villages

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Department of Architecture, Faculty of Architecture and Urbanism, Shahid Beheshti University


Today, availability and best use of energy resources is one of important laws of development in countries. The vast reserves and cheapness of fossil fuels in Iran has lead to improper usage of these resources and a failure to use other resources seriously. Unlimited usage of this resource and its smuggling to foreign countries has resulted from this energy policy. An increase in the usage of this fuel created the conditions in which the government, in July 2003, rationed petrol with the aim of saving it. Energy and fuel resources have a variety of usages: in the transportation industry, providing energy for factories and domestic uses such as heating, cooling, cooking and lighting. Because of its natural geographical situation (topology) and vastness, our country enjoys a variety of energy resources in addition to fossil fuels (Sabouhi, 1998) such as wind, tide, geothermal, the sun and its rays (solar) which are renewable energies that can be used with less preparation (Taqzi, 2003). One of these resources which can be found in most villages in our country is biomass, which is the basic source of methane gas and its use for household fuel and producing electricity. Application of alternative energies, which are abundant in Iran, while providing necessary energy in villages can also help to reduce the use of fossil energy resources in the country. This article analyzes the production of energy from biomass resources, a simple design structure and the building of the tanks, and the influences of its usage on the environment, fabric and rural housing. The first part of this paper introduces biogas and experiments of other countries in this field. The second part analyzes the equipment and basic tools which are required for producing biogas, and also important aspects of designing and manufacturing a variety of tanks in villages. At the end, in addition to introducing design principles of the housing unit with a biogas tank, I will analyze the positive influences of ecology on the housing units.