A Physiognomical Overview of Plants Habitats in Qom Province

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1 Biodiversity and Ecosystem Management, Environmental and Research Institute, Shahid Beheshti University

2 Department of Environment, Faculty of Agriculture and Natural Resource, Gorgan University


The habitats are the most basis of plants diversity and the study of habitats are the most important studies in the ecosystem. Qom province Due to ecotonical conditions (the connection between Zagros mountain ecosystem in west and south of province and central desert ecosystem in east of province, ecosystems and habitats diversity is high. this research has been carried out on the natural habitats and effected by human. The former Nature habiatats includes desertic, alpine and wetland zones and the later are includes the marginal of agricultural lands and Ruderal habitats . Moreover in the present survey diversity of plant habitats has been investigated in order to height, temperature and perception gradient. the different habitats by accessed With quadratic sampling in different habitat of province based on Braun-Blanquet . The highest diversity is includes Palang-darreh Valley (south west of province) and the lowest diversity is in relevant to Massileh plain (East of province).