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1 Department of Urban/Regional Planning and Design, Faculty of Art and Architecture, University of Guilan Rasht,, Iran

2 Department of Urban/ Regional Planning and Design, Faculty of Art and Architecture, University of Guilan Rasht, Iran

3 Department of Human Geography and Regional Planning Development, Faculty of Earth Sciences , Shahid Beheshti University Teharan, Iran



Problem Statement: Nowadays, the use of tourism as a driving force to serve economic and social development in human societies has become a pervasive thing. Creative tourism is a new and interesting topic in the field of tourism, which, by crystallizing the cultural values of the land in accordance with the existence of numerous sub-cultures in Iran, plays an essential role in the strategic plans of tourism in this land.
Necessity of research: Regarding the change in the tourism trend and the importance of finding meaningful experiences for tourists, as well as paying attention to the effective factors in the direction of exploiting the existing geological, cultural, natural and biological capacities in the studied area, as well as using creativity and innovation in this field in order to Creating success in tourism businesses by providing a new solution doubles the necessity of conducting research and planning in this field.
Objective: The creative and innovative strategy should examine the new trends of creative tourism in the domestic tourism market, both in supply and demand, and thus identify and create the most reliable future development trends. The creative development of tourism needs to be improved through learning, knowledge, skill and competence. The main goal of creative tourism is to provide active experiences to tourists through active participation in courses and learning experiences. Regarding the mentioned materials, the purpose of the current research is to evaluate the internal and external strategic factors and determine the appropriate strategy for the development of creative tourism in Zahedan city.
Research method: The research method is descriptive-analytical and its type is applied-developmental. The information has been collected in two ways: documents and surveys (questionnaires and interviews). The statistical population of the research is 20 experts in the field of urban tourism, and the resulting data were analyzed using SOWT and QSPM models.
Findings and Results: According to the results obtained from the SOWT technique, the overall strategy for the development of creative tourism in Zahedan is defensive (WT) with a final weight of 7.98. The results of the Quantitative Strategic Planning Matrix (QSPM) also show that out of the 4 strategies of the WT Group, the priority is the strategy of "Creating cultural and artistic places for the supply of creative cultural products" (with an attractive score of 11.966).
conclusion: In order to realize creative tourism in the studied area, according to the findings of the research, suggestions such as creative marketing through information and communication technology, training of local industries and products, holding a festival of local dialects, training in sewing local and native clothes, and also cooking food It is presented locally at the provincial and national level, etc., by using the methods of creating partnership between tourists and the environment.