Relationship between size and shape of habitat Patchs with biodiversity indices of Adoroshk watershed plants (Yazd province

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1 Yazd university

2 yazd university

3 Department of Environment, Faculty of Natural Resources and Desert Studies, Yazd University, Yazd


Background: Landscape of an area consists of uniform parts of that land that have components of patchs, passages and bed of land landscape. Since the density and distribution of vegetation in the landscape of the land of the passage of time is affected by many variables and changes. Variety and uniformity of plants studies the effectiveness of the indicators of richness, diversity and uniformity of vegetation from the structure of the landscape.
Materials and Methods: In this study, two variables of size and shape of patchs on the structure of the Adoroshk watershed were selected because these two variables are known as important components in the planning of areas for conservation purposes. For this purpose, first the identification and preparation of the map of the structure of the land address of Adoroshk was performed and then the desired map in Arc GIS 10.3 software with suitable image format and ready to enter FRAGSTATS 4.2 software and then two variables of ratio of environment to area and size The patchs in the structure of Adoroshk land were calculated. Data obtained from identification and counting of vegetation in the area, which were the result of linear transect and plot method, were also entered in SPSS software environment and through Shannon-Wiener, Simpson, Hill, Brillouin and MacArthur Plant diversity was measured using the Margalf, Mann-Henick index of plant richness in each spot of the habitat. The Pilo, Alatalo and Hip indices were also used to measure species uniformity. The correlation between the variables was determined from Pearson correlation.
Results and Discussion: In this study, 60 plant species were identified and counted in 338 plots and the findings of this study indicate a significant relationship between the two physical variables of size and shape of habitat spots and richness. The diversity and uniformity of rangeland plant species in the Adoroshk watershed.
Conclusion: The priority of paying attention to circular patchs that have a minimum ratio of environment to area in the design and management of Adoroshk watershed was proven during the planning and protection of vegetation.