Estimating the use and non-use value of Amir Kelayeh Wetland using AHP

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1 Associate Professor, Department of Interdisciplinary Economics, Faculty of Economics, University of Tehran

2 PhD student of Natural Resource Economics, Tehran University


The value functions and speciial ecological position of wetland areas attract public interest toward conserving thisw natural environment. the present study has determind the conservation value of Amir Kelayeh wetland on the basis of changes in individuals' welfare using a CVM single bound approach and considering eight bid amounts in both linear and Logarithm functional form. Also, for estimating the weight of the use and non-use values in the total conservation value of wetland, an AHP approach has been applied. Results revealed that the expected amount of each individual's conservation value in linear and logarithm functional form was equal to 11,384 and 9,789 Rials, respectively. Estimating the relative aggregated weight of values showed that the use and non-use values acquired 35 and 65 percent of Amir Kelayeh total conservation value. On the other hand, indirect value at 7.8 persent had the lowest share in total consevation value.Hence, conserving the natural condition and flora and fauna of this wetland for future generations must be the priority of development programs related to Amir Kelayeh wetland.