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Comparison of the efficiency of gray wolf optimizer and imperialist competitive algorithms in an optimal allocation of water in irrigation and drainage networks (case study: Sofi-Chay network)

Farhad Misaghi; Amir Hossein Amani; Ali Reza Seddigh

Volume 18, Issue 2 , July 2020, , Pages 203-218


  Introduction: Water scarcity is one of the most important issues in the 21st century that human societies encounter. Population growth, industrial and agricultural production, rapid urbanization, and severe climate change have had a major impact on limited water resources and the environment in river ...  Read More

Sustainable management of urban water resources through water sensitive urban design (WSUD) in Iran (case study: Rasht city)

Rogahyeh Shokri Biarargh; Marjan Nematimehr

Volume 17, Issue 1 , April 2019, , Pages 1-24


  Introduction: So far, the use of water sensitive urban design (WSUD) has not been investigated in cities of Iran. This issue, for the first time introduced in Australia in 1994, has been implemented in several countries, such as America, Germany, the Netherlands, and Australia. The main objective of ...  Read More

Factors affecting the implementation of actions related to sustainable management of water resources among farmers in the Komijan county, Markazi province

Samira Afshari; Heydar Gholizadeh; Rohollah Rezaei; Hossein Shabanali Fami

Volume 14, Issue 3 , October 2016, , Pages 73-88

  Introduction: Given the increasing crisis of water resource constraints, the proper management of water resources is indispensable for increasing water use efficiency, especially in the agricultural sector which has the highest water consumption (Perez-Blanco and Gomez, 2014). In fact, water resource ...  Read More

Pattern of Virtual Water Trade in the Economic Activities of Guilan Province: Application of an Extended Input-Output Table

Morteza Tahamipour; Abas Salah; Abbas Arabmazar

Volume 13, Issue 3 , October 2015, , Pages 35-50

  One of the new approaches in the management of water resources is according to the principle of comparative advantage and trade in virtual water. This is based on the view that it can be considered a specialty area in which the water products and the products produced in wet areas, or imported from other ...  Read More

Investigating Refinery Wastewater Impacts on Groundwater Sources – A Case Study of Pars Oil Refinery

Nasrin Otadi; Amir Hesam Hassani

Volume 10, Issue 1 , October 2012

  Pars Oil Refinery, situated 22 km away from metropolitan Tehran, is one of the most important motor oil refineries in the country. Currently, the refinery is composed of various sections including the Furfural, Separation, Storage, Blending, Can-making, Barrel-making and Dyeing, Loading and Unloading, ...  Read More