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Eco -friendliness of Iran's digital services and information technology industry in the web hosting and cloud services sectors

Seyed Hossein Hashemi; Mojdeh Rezvani; Mahdi Mohammadi

Volume 21, Issue 1 , April 2023


  Introduction: Due to the growth and development of new types of communication and information technologies around the world, the use of digital services is widely increasing and our country, Iran, is no exception to this rule. Information technology and digital services industries consume significant ...  Read More

Performance of acoustic noise barriers in the Sayyad Shirazi highway in Tehran

Hadi Zahedi; Yousef Rashidi; Seyed Hossein Hashemi

Volume 18, Issue 3 , October 2020, , Pages 226-235


  Introduction: Today, noise pollution is recognized as serious health and environmental problem. With the spread of urbanization and migration and the construction of roads, rails, and air transport networks, as well as the rapid development of the industry over time, the issue of noise pollution is ...  Read More

Source identification of hydrocarbon pollution in water, soil and sediments in southern Tehran

Mohammad Mahmudi; Seyed Hossein Hashemi; Amir Salemi

Volume 17, Issue 3 , October 2019, , Pages 1-14


  Introduction: So far, several studies have been carried out all over the world on the development of appropriate indicators for the emission of hydrocarbon contaminants and several indicators have been presented in this regard. These indicators are divided into internal and external categories. External ...  Read More

Interpolation of Soil Nutrients (Nitrate and Phosphate), Organic Carbon, EC and pH in Agricultural Lands to the South of Tehran City

Javad bayat; Seyed Hossein Hashemi; Korous Khoshbakht; Reza Deihimfard

Volume 14, Issue 2 , July 2016, , Pages 1-12

  In this study, 83 sampling points were chosen in the study area. Sampling was conducted at two soil depths (0-30 cm and 30-60 cm) and the concentrations of nitrate, phosphate, EC, pH and organic carbon were determined.  Interpolation maps were created using the IDW method. These showed that in the top ...  Read More

Evaporation Pond Sludge Management in Combined Cycle Power Plants (Case Study: Damavand Combined Cycle Power Plant)

Zeynab Golhosseini; Mahdi Jalili Ghazizade; Seyed Hossein Hashemi

Volume 14, Issue 1 , April 2016, , Pages 81-90

  Bottom sludge generated in evaporation ponds is one of the most important wastes in combined cycle power plants. Since previous studies show that wastewater incoming to evaporation ponds contains various contaminants, so the settled sludge can be mentioned as a hazardous waste. Waste characterization ...  Read More

Determination of Optimal pH and Running Time for Treatment of Textile Industry Effluent Using Ozonation Method

Fatemeh Rajab Nia; Seyed Hossein Hashemi; Reihaneh Rasoolzadeh; Saeed Soofizadeh

Volume 13, Issue 4 , January 2016, , Pages 37-42

  Wastewater from the textile industry is one of the most polluted industrial effluents. Many different methods have been used for treatment of this type of effluents. Since ozone is a powerful oxidizing agent and attacks the double bonds of the dye molecules, it can be efficiently used for treatment of ...  Read More

Agricultural Activities Effects on Diazinon Pesticide Concentration in Tajan River

Yosefali Ahmadi-Mamaqani,; Nematollah Khorasani; Khalil Talebi-Jahromi,; Seyed Hossein Hashemi; Fatemeh Bahadori-Khosroshahi

Volume 8, Issue 4 , July 2011

  The presence of organic chemical materials in surface water resources, besides having adverse effects on the consumer, reduces the desirability of aquatic fauna and even results in their complete annihilation. Determination of Diazinon residues in the Tajan River (TR) was traced in order to investigate ...  Read More