Author = Ashorlo, Davoud
Crop classification with deep convolutional neural network based on crop feature

Volume 20, Issue 4, 2023, Pages 37-52


Mohamad Reza Gili; Davoud Ashourloo; Hosein Aghighi; Ali Akbar Matkan; Alireza SHakiba

Statistical analysis and predicting spatio-temporal variations of urban heat islands using remote sensing data

Volume 21, Issue 3, 2023, Pages 89-112


Keyvan Ezimand; Hossein Aghighi; Davod Ashourloo; Alireza SHakiba

Using RS and GIS for Considering Cadmium Distribution and Polluted Vegetation in Esfahan Province

Volume 6, Issue 2, January 2009

Ali Akbar Matkan; Azadeh Kazemi; Mohmmad Reza Gilly; Davod Ashourloo

An Evaluation of Hydrological Pit Filling Methods in the Ekbatan Watershed

Volume 4, Issue 3, April 2007

Ali Akbar Matkan; Alireza Shakiba; Davoud Ashorlo

Application of Lincar Distinction Analysis for Wheat Discrimination from Other Crops on Satellite Images

Volume 4, Issue 2, January 2007

Moteza Ashorlo; Abbas Alimohammadi; Parviz Ziaeian; Davoud Ashorlo