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Risk assessment of the potential invasiveness of Coptodon zillii (Gervais, 1848) in Anzali Wetland using AS-ISK Model

Seyed Daryoush Moghaddas; Asghar Abdoli; Bahram Hassanzade Kiabi; Hossein Rahmani

Volume 18, Issue 2 , July 2020, , Pages 255-270


   Introduction: The intentional and unintentional introduction of non-native fish species to the aquatic ecosystems of Iran has occurred with purposes such as enhancing aquaculture, ornamentation, biological control, and research. Some of them cause or have the potential to cause, significant environmental ...  Read More

Ecological integrity assessment of the Jajrood river using fish and macroinvertebrates indices

Kamal Khezri; Asghar Abdoli; Bahram Hasanzadeh Kiabi; Hussein Valikhani; Jaber Aazami

Volume 17, Issue 3 , October 2019, , Pages 209-224


  Introduction: Nowadays, many indicators have been developed to assess water quality and ecological classification of rivers based on variations in ecological structure. The goals of the study were assessing the ecological status, the effects of human land use, and the performance of the most common ecological ...  Read More

Survey of the Relationship of Vegetation with Lizard Diversity, Evenness, Richness and Abundance in the Sabzevar Region

Ehsan Parvane Aval; Maede Dehghani Tafti; Bahram Kiab

Volume 7, Issue 2 , January 2010

  This survey was undertaken during seven months (March – October) in 2007 in the Sabzevar region.The lizards were captured on seven one-ha plots (100m×100m), based on vegetation change. The lizards were sampled using two methods: the first consisted of padding and the second sampling method ...  Read More

Inter- Population Morphological Diversity inChalcalburnus chalcoides (Gueldenstaedt, 1772)in Haraz and Gazafrud Rivers

Hossein Rahmani; Bahram Hassanzadeh Kiabi

Volume 6, Issue 3 , April 2009

  A study was conducted to determine suitable characters for separating 2 Shemaya ( Chalcalburnus chalcoides ) populations of Haraz and Gazafrud Rivers in spring 2004. Using cast net, 73 speciemens were collected in 2 rivers ( i.e: 35 in Gazafrud vs. 38 in Haraz ). 27 morphometric characters, 11 meristic ...  Read More

mmDistribution and Biodiversity of Fish Species in Haraz River in Mazandaran Province

Gholam Reza Banagar; Mahmoud Karami; Bahram Kiabi; Mahmoud Ghasempouri

Volume 6, Issue 2 , January 2009

  Fish diversity of Haraz River Was Studied from November 1999 To August 2000. This river is situated in The Southern Caspian basin of Iranian Mazandaran Province. Five Stations Were Selected along The River. 522 specimens were Collected and studied, that belonged to 20 species and 9 families: Petromyzontidae, ...  Read More

Identification and Seasonal Comparison of Diversity and Abundance of Waterbirds of Kolahi and Tiab Wetlands at Tangeh Hormoz

Behrouz Behrouzi Rad; Bahram Hasan Zadeh Kiabi

Volume 5, Issue 3 , April 2008

  Tiab and Kolahy estuaries are regarded as part of the Ramsar sites, that are located in the delta of Rud Shirin, Rud Shour and Minab River 37o 05' N 56o 50' E. The total area of the region is about 20000 ha. In this study, 96 species from 27 families of the birds of Iran were recognized at these wetlands.Fifty ...  Read More